We are a TICA and CFA registered Cattery based in Los Angeles.

We're the #1 Bengal Breeder and Only Toyger Breeder in Los Angeles. We're dedicated in breeding only the top quality Bengals and Toygers.


Anthony's cats are beautiful, friendly, and well socialized. But besides that, he is a super ethical and caring breeder. He takes great care in his breeding cats and his litters. He raises all kittens by hand, ensuring they are well socialized. My little guy came to us super friendly and loving. He knew how to use the litter box (no messes!), how to eat his food, and ready to jump into his life with us. I couldn't have asked for more! I'm super happy to have found Urban Exotic and Anthony!!

From Janine Korringa

Gorgeous cats and a really caring and honest breeder. I am so happy to have one of the most amazing and most beautiful, loving and fun cats 🙂 I highly recommend Urban Exotic Bengals!

From Barbara Brambilla

We had the honor to buy a little snow Bengal from Urban exotic Bengals. She flew to us and we were ready and expecting the worst on such a long flight. Our little girl is AMAZING! She is this confident loving and sweet little goddess that couldn't be anymore perfect! I recommend Urban Exotic Bengals! Looked at many breeders and I'm so glad we went with these guys!

From Cindy Trevarthen

I did my research before choosing a breeder. Urban Exotic Cattery is not only a registered TICA Bengal breeder, but the only cattery I could find close to me who had signed the code of ethics. Obviously looking at the photographs (which are NOT photoshopped) it is obvious the cats were stunning but I also had two other priorities, namely that the kitten was healthy and well socialized. Anthony impressed me as a dedicated breeder who took loving care of his cats. I met him in person and saw several of his cats and my potential kitten. I took the risk and committed to the kitten when he was only two weeks old, meaning I had to put my trust in Anthony to “raise” him. I was not disappointed. Anthony was professional and always available to answer my questions and/or concerns. I have a copy of my kitten’s health record which confirms my kitten received health exams, vaccinations and neutering. I received weekly video updates and witnessed my kitten’s development. I also met with Anthony and the kitten a couple of times before I took him home and Anthony instructed me in ways to facilitate bonding to help create a trusting relationship with my kitten. When my “baby” came home the transition was effortless. My kitten was healthy, ate heartily, used his litter box without any mishaps, and most important was the sweetest and most trusting cat I have ever had. He purrs immediately upon contact, is confident and EXTREMELY playful. The first day home he fell asleep purring on top of my chest.   My only complaint is that he snores. Ha Ha!  Obviously, Anthony has the magic touch to socialize cats to be so sweet. I have the highest regard for Anthony and this cattery and would recommend without reservation. 

From Laura Pinegar