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All our breeding cats and kittens are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). We only breed top quality pedigreed cats! Our kittens are bred indoors and handled daily to ensure that they are well socialized with people. You can be sure that every kitten is loved and
well cared for in our home.

All kittens are sold as pets, no breeding rights. All pet kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving our cattery.

Breeding rights are only sold to legit TICA registered breeders with approved program only.

Our Guarantee

1) Written Health Guarantee in the Purchase Contract.
2) All kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving our cattery.
3) All our kittens are health checked, up to date with all vaccines and deworming. All procedures are done by USDA accredited Veterinarian.
4) All kittens are microchipped for ID.
5) Kittens are eating on its own, and litter box trained.  Kittens are in perfect health at the time of leaving our cattery.
6) Health record issued by our Vet.  Health Certificate is available upon request, with additional charge.
7) Certificate of sterility
8) TICA Registration Paper and Pedigree
9) All kittens had an application of Vetra flee control before leaving our cattery.
10) All kittens are handled daily from day one and well socialized, not afraid of human.  

Bonus: All our client get a weekly update of their kitten. This includes a new video every week so our clients get to watch their kittens grow up weekly.  This bonus personalized service is one of the things that really sets us apart from rest of the breeders.  It is highly valued and appreciated by all our clients.

Please note: We are honest and up front with all our clients, and we do not play games. Once a client has chosen a kitten, and a Purchase Contract is signed, that kitten is reserved for the client and no one else! We do not show the same kitten to other buyers to bid up the price and come back to the client asking for more money. As the kitten grows, we do not decide that kitten is too nice to sell, so we keep it, and leaving the client empty handed.


Pricing varies based on color, pattern/markings, and overall quality. When asking about prices, it's important to know what does the price includes, and what are the services?  What really sets our cattery apart from the rest is our kitten prices includes everything in our guarantee listed above. Prices does not include shipping.

Pricing for within USA

Most pet kittens are from $1800-4000.
All Clouded Leopards are from $2500 and up.
Show quality kittens are from $2500 and up

International Pricing

International prices are more than U.S. pricing, because each country has their set of rules and regulations for imports.  This effects the additional time to get the kitten ready and eligible for shipping.  Please contact us for price quote.


Shipping is available within the United States and Worldwide. We comply with regulations to all countries.

There are several ways to get the kittens to you. Please contact us for more details.
1) We always welcome you to come pickup the kitten in person.
2) We can ship the kitten through airline pet cargo services.
3) It is easy to come pickup in person and bring home your kitten with you on the flight home.
4) We can also arrange for professional pet carrier service to bring the kitten to you.

Overseas shipping please contact us for more details.



Getting on the Wait List is the best way to ensure you get the color and sex of the kitten you desire. Wait List clients always get to choose first whenever a new litter is born. Kitten availability depends on the order of deposits received. To be on our Wait List is $300 deposit with a written Wait List Contract. The $300 does apply to the price of the kitten. If you would like to be on our Wait List, please contact us.

Available Kittens

Pricing varies based on color, pattern/markings, and overall quality. When comparing and asking about prices, it's important to know what does the price includes, and what are the services?  What really sets our cattery apart from the rest is our kitten prices includes everything in our guarantee listed above, and our impaeccable service. Prices does not include shipping.  

The available kittens info below was updated on 3/27/2020

Kitten ID: Luna

Kitten Color: Seal Mink Snow Bengal, Clouded Leopard Rosetted

Kitten Eye Color: Aqua (Bluish Gree)

Kitten Sex: Female

Kitten Price $2800 

Kitten DOB:  2/25/20 ( She'll be ready for her new home in mid May)

Kitten Parents: From Queen Lilac and King Oreo

Kitten Description:  Luna is a top quality Bengal.  She has gorgeous dramatic clouded leopard rosettes with high contrast.  Although she is young, you can already see her huge and well defined markings that will only get bigger, and her coloring will get more rich as she grows.  We are taking deposit for this kitten.  If you're interested in this kitten please contact us.


UPATED 3/12/2020

We do not have any retired adults available at this time, however, we will be retiring several adults this year.  So if you are interested in one of our retiring adults, please email us.

In general we would like to find all our adult cats a home where he/she can either be the only cat or first cat in the household.  This is because integrating an adult cat to a household where there are other cats already can be problematic.  Homes with adult cats are less likely to accept a new coming adult because of territory issues.  Kittens are less threatening to an existing adult, but another adult most likely will make your existing cats very upset. We would like to place our adult cats to their forever homes.  You can choose to adopt an adult cat first, then at a later date add a kitten, that way usually works better. If you would like to be on our Wait List for retiring adults in 2020 please contact us.


Up Coming Litters (Updated 3/27/20)

We are expecting a new litter born In April

Brown Bengals from Queen Allure and Queen Rika

Snow Bengals from Queen Amor

Snow and Silver Bengals from Queen Snowflakes 

In the mean time, scroll up this page and see all our available kittens now.

Please contact us to be on the Wait List.


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