All our breeding cats come from  Champion and Supreme Champion Bloodlines, and are full TICA SBT Pedigree Cats. All our breeding cats are also screened annually by our USDA accredited veterinarians for health. All our breeding adults are FIV, FeLv, HCM normal, and PK Def N/N.

Bengal Kings

King Orbit

King Orbit is a Seal Lynx with blue eyes.  He has the most amazing Clouded Leopard markings of any of the Seal Lynx Clouded Leopards I've ever seen.  King Orbit is playful and has the sweetest temperament.

King Rocket

King Rocket is a Seal Lynx Bengal cat with the deepest blue eyes I’ve ever seen on Seal Lynx.  All Seal Lynx cats have blue eyes, and most of them are light blue in color. It is very rare to have deep blue eyes like Rocket has, and he is passing down his amazing blue eyes to his kittens.  Rocket has donut rosetted markings.  Rocket is very friendly and an amazing stud cat.

King Koa

King Koa is a bengal with clouded leopard marking.  Like the precious wood Koa, he has amazing coloring.  His markings are dramatic, the dark contrast and the huge rosettes are just amazing.  Koa is a sweet and very playful cat.

King Hercules

King Hercules is a Silver Bengal with donut rosettes.  He was such a gorgeous baby, I knew I had to keep him.  He was a very sweet kitten and now he is a sweet adult.  Hercules creates amazing silver and charcoal kittens.

King Slater

King Slater is a Blue Bengal with Clouded Leopard rosettes.   Slater has a soft, shiny silky coat that feels really luxurious.  Blue Bengals are very rare, very few breeders in the world have them.  I'm so glad we have King Slater!

Toyger Kings

King Kato

King Kato came directly from the creator of the Toygers breed, Judy Sugden.  I'm excited to be the only breeder in the entire western US to have her latest genetics.  Don't let his Tiger looks fool you, Kato is super sweet cat.  I just love him!