All our breeding cats came from long lines of Champion and Supreme Champion Bloodlines, and are full TICA SBT Pedigreed Cats.

All our breeding cats are screened annually by our USDA accredited veterinarians for health. All our breeding adults are FIV, FeLv, HCM normal, and PK Def N/N.


Queen Angel

Angel is as beautiful and sweet as they come. She is a brown Clouded Leopard Bengal. Her dramatic markings and color contrasts are just so beautiful.  She has the softest, shinny coat ever!  Super luxurious to the touch.  She is very much a lap cat, follows me around the house everywhere I go.  she takes my breath away every time I look at her.

Queen Tiki

Tiki a Clouded Leopard Rosetted Bengal.  She has is not only gorgeous, she truly is a sweetheart. She produces amazing babies.

Queen Rika (AKA Dior)

Rika has the classic paw print markings with honey golden brown coloring that are just stunning.  She has pretty green eyes and very sweet personality.

Queen Deja vu

Deja vu is a beautiful and yet very spirited cat.  She just made me think that we’ve met before.  She is a very sweet and calm kitty.

Queen Snowy

Snowy is as beautiful as Snow Bengals get.  She has gorgeous blue eyes, soft and shiny silky coat, with a friendly personality.

Queen Amor

Amor is a Seal Lynx Snow Bengal, she has the deepest blue eyes, and round donut rosetted. She has soft silky smooth shinny coat. She is both beautiful and sweet.

Queen Snuggles

Snuggles AKA Fetch is a Seal Lynx Snow Bengal with blue eyes, paw print rosetted Bengal. She was named Snuggles because she likes to snuggle up to me. One day, she keeps bringing me toys, so much so I started to brush them away, then she ran and brought them back to me. At first I didn't realize what she is teaching me to do, but soon I realized that she loves to play fetch. The amazing thing is I never taught her that, it's like she's a puppy, she just naturally knows how to fetch.

Queen Snowflake

Snowflake is a blue eyes Seal Lynx Snow Bengal with gorgeous Clouded Leopard markings.  She has a very tight, soft and shinny coat.   She is a sweet girl, and just gorgeous to look at.

Queen Maya

Maya is a Donut Rosetted Charcoal Bengal. She has great color contrast, luxurious super shinny coat. She loves to be petted and cuddled. She is just a stunning girl!


Queen Sunset

I was very lucky to have Judy Sugden the creator of Toygers to let me have this gorgeous Toyger.  Sunset has a face that looks like a little tiger, her beautiful orange coat with tiger stripes. Don’t let her looks fool you, she is a total sweetheart.

Queen Destiny

Destiny is an amazingly beautiful White Toyger. When Destiny was a small kitten, I already knew that she’s destined to be great!  As she grew, she became more and more stunning everyday.  She has the best color contrast I’ve every seen.  She’s not only beautiful, she’s also a sweet girl.

Queen Zeta

Zeta has gorgeous coloring and stripes just like a little tiger.  She is super sweet.

Queen Vogue AKA Stripe A Pose

Queen Vogue has gorgeous tiger like coloring and stripes.  She is not only gorgeous she is a sweet girl.

Queen Honeybun

Honeybun is super sweet girl.  She’s got that exotic tiger like face and beautiful orange coat.  I named her Honeybun because of her golden honey coloring, and her personality is really sweet like honey.  I received so much love from her, she’s just an awesome cat!

Queen Kara

Queen Kara is a White Toyger, she is a sweet as can be, and look at her, she’s gorgeous!

Note: The popular term “White Toyger” is referring to the black/white coloration of the cat, much like real white tiger.  But technically the genetic coloring is called Silver.

Queen Mia

Queen Mia is a stunning beautiful White Toyger with super friendly personality.

Note: The popular term “White Toyger” is referring to the black/white coloration of the cat, much like the real white tiger.  But, technically the genetic coloration is called Silver.