All our breeding cats came from long lines of Champion and Supreme Champion Bloodlines, and are full TICA SBT Pedigreed Cats.

All our breeding cats are screened annually by our USDA accredited veterinarians for health. All our breeding adults are FIV, FeLv, HCM normal, and PK Def N/N.


Queen Angel

Angel is as beautiful and sweet as they come. She is a brown Clouded Leopard Bengal. Her dramatic markings and color contrasts are just so beautiful.  She has the softest, shinny coat ever!  Super luxurious to the touch.  She is very much a lap cat, follows me around the house everywhere I go.  she takes my breath away every time I look at her.


Queen Destiny

Destiny is an amazingly beautiful White Toyger. When Destiny was a small kitten, I already knew that she’s destined to be great!  As she grew, she became more and more stunning everyday.  She has the best color contrast I’ve every seen.  She’s not only beautiful, she’s also a sweet girl.