Friendly and Beautiful Toyger Cats


What Is A Toyger?

Tigers are one of the most beautiful wild cats in the world, and the idea of having a miniature version of a Tiger has been a dream of many.  Wild dreams do come true!  A mini tiger cat is now a reality!  “Toyger” meaning Toy-Tiger, is a medium sized domestic cat that has been bred to resemble the beauty of wild tigers. It is important to note that not a single drop of tiger blood was used to create Toygers. Toygers are not “tiger hybrid”.  Toygers are completely domestic cats.

In the late 1980’s Judy Sugden started the creation of this beautiful new breed of cat by breeding domestic cats that have the vertical striped patterns.  After many years of hard work, in 1993 TICA accepted Toygers for registration.  In 2000 Toygers were advanced to the new breed exhibition class.  Finally, in February 2007, Toygers were granted full recognition as a championship cat.

Toygers is still a new breed, and Toyger breeders including myself all work towards the goal of continuing the work and vision of Judy Sugden to improve the traits of Toygers to resemble the look of a wild tiger.

I’m honored to have the creator of Toygers, Judy Sugden mentor me. There are only a few Toyger breeders in USA that works with Judy Sugden and her vision of Toygers. I am the ONLY Toyger breeder in Los Angeles that has the latest Toyger’s genetics from Judy Sugden.

The personality of Toygers are friendly, outgoing, and loves to be with people. They can be taught to walk with a harness and leash, and play fetch. Toygers are laid back, calm, and easy to fit in with the modern urban lifestyle.  Like Bengals, Toygers are very intelligent. I just love how sweet they are.

Many people have striped cats that made them think they have a Toyger, but when compared to a pure bred Toyger’s vivid bold colors, stripes, and tiger like face, a Toyger is easily distinguishable!  Today’s Toygers have the coat pattern that is striped, similar to the real tigers.  A high quality Toyger also have smaller eyes and longer face that resembles a tiger face.

At Urban Exotic Cats, we are so excited to help you find a new member of the family that you will love for countless years to come. We think cats make some of the best pets out there and can be a wonderful way to make a timeless friend. As a Toyger cat breeder, we specialize in breeding beautiful Toyger cats that will be the perfect addition to your family.

We can’t wait to find the perfect Toyger cat for you that will be for you, your loved ones, or a beloved friend. We can make sure to tell you everything you need to know about caring for these beautiful animals so that they can thrive in your home. Read on to learn more about our Toyger cats and how you can adopt your pet from Judy Sugden today.

Friendly and Adorable Toyger Cats

When you visit our website and peruse our Toyger cats that are available for adoption, you will notice these wonderful cats have stunning features that you can’t find on other breeds of cats. The Toyger cat is special because it has tiger-like facial features and eyes that make you think you are looking at a wild tiger in the jungle.

Their beautiful features are paired with adorable personalities and a love of attention. Toyger cats can be great cats for a young child or an adult looking for a friendly companion. Toyger cats come in a variety of colors, and all share the unique trait of tiger-like stripes that line their tiny frames. With Toyger cats, you can see the tiger genetics that many cats share.

If you have any questions about how to properly care for your new cat, our friendly cat breeders are available to answer any of your questions and resolve your concerns. Due to the beauty of our cats, the NY Times even interviewed us!

Dedicated and Personable Cat Breeders

So reach out to Urban Cats today to learn more about our Toyger cats and complete the adoption process. For more, give us a call at (310) 739-0847.

We are proud to be interviewed and published by The New York Times.

Resembles the face of a tiger

Tiger stripes are just beautiful

Tiger Colors

The original coloring of wild Tigers are orange brown with dark brown/black vertical stripes.  Each tiger’s markings are unique much like finger prints.  For decades the hard work of creating this orange brown coloring with dark stripes has been a huge success!

Moving forward, we must recognize what already exist for a very long time are all the different Tiger color mutations that already exist.  To further our understanding here’s a line up of Tiger colors that already exist.  What is commonly known as “White Tigers” are either the Seal Lynx which is whiter over all in coloring with blue eyes, and the black/white Silver, which has more of the black and white contrast.  Every mutation are beautiful in their own way.

Photo below starting from the left…

Seal Mink, Seal Lynx, Orange Brown, and Silver

Toyger Cat Colors

Much like the Bengal Cats colorings, the original orange brown Toygers with dark tiger stripes have came a long way, and we continue to breed this beautiful coloration in Toyger Cats.  Moving forward at Urban Exotic Cats we focus on mimicking what already exist in Tiger mutations.

Orange Brown Toygers

Orange Brown Toygers have this rich coloring that are found in actual tigers.  We strive to achieve similar coloration in Toyger cats and bold dark stripes.

The White Toyger Cat

What’s commonly know as the “White Toyger” is actually genetically a Silver cat.  Much like the Silver Bengals, it’s this Silver gene that gives us the darker gray to black coloration in markings.  Silver meaning gray, gives us this broad spectrum of white to black and every shade in between.  It’s no easy task to focus on this black and white genetic and create this black and white tiger striped cat that our eyes can read as “White Toyger”.  It took me several years to perfect this coloration.  I am proud to share my hard work with the world.

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